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When I saw these videos a few weeks ago, I decided I needed to make this entire meal sooner than later…

Here are my results, everything was delicious!  I’m showing you mostly pictures up-front because I hardly changed anything.  You can find the “Smoky Chipotle No-Queso” recipe here.  For the rest, you can check out my map of the “It’s Nacho Business” meal here.

We found a couple of these “love mushrooms”… unfortunately we had to separate them. :/

Enchilada filling: mushrooms, red pepper, onions, and cumin. Everything is better with cumin

Queso, before blending.

Queso complete!

my full plate.

This recipe made 20 enchiladas (two 13×9 pans)

Papaya Salad and Nacho fixings. The salad dressing is at the top of my favorite salad dressings ever.

This nacho cheese was wonderful.  Great consistency and flavor.  Just right.

The recipe is from Happy Herbivore (click here for the recipe).  After making the sauce, I added two tomatoes (diced) and half a mini can of diced green chiles.  Both of these veggies added a little extra liquid, so I had to stir for a few minutes more to re-thicken up the sauce.  The chips are La Reina baked no-salt tortilla chips (from Whole Foods, only $2.19 a bag, only ingredients are corn and lime!).

I think next time I will ALSO add:

edit 7/7/12: I made this again, but omitted the cayenne and added 1/2 a chipotle in adobo sauce (click here to see on amazon) with about 1/4 tsp of the sauce added too.  This added a nice smoky, but mild kick.  If you are a spice lover, I say go for a whole chipotle and a bit of the adobo sauce.  

I admit it.  I love nachos and cheese.

I read about these chips from the healthy vegans in LA, so I was surprised to see them here in Arizona! The lightly salted version does contain oil, but somehow the calories from fat are the same as the unsalted ones that do not contain oil???

I suppose your best bet would be to get a little water spritzer, lay out the unsalted chips, spritz them with a little water, then a little salt.

Also, the vegan queso is a little pricey for my budget, so I think I will need to experiment with some recipes. I do like Isa’s Cashew Queso, but I would also like a simpler nutritional yeast-based alternative that is quicker and lighter.

La Reina Tortilla Chips: at Whole Foods in AZ, $2.19 each, nutrition: 9% calories from fat, sodium to calories ratio is less than 1 in the lightly salted version. But I still recommend the non-salted b/c the salt is not evenly distributed in the salty kind.

Food for Lovers Vegan Queso: at Whole Foods in AZ for $4.99, nutrition: fat free, does contain white flour, but the whole jar is only 240 calories.

If you’re not into microwaves, sometimes I use this 5/8 quart non-stick butter warmer as a double boiler. Super easy clean-up.

yummmm… good and spicy.