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While I’ve been on my retreat, I’ve been staying at the True North Health Center.  It’s a pretty unique place… they do water-only fasts (I’ve met people who are doing 30 and 40 day fasts!) and they also have people come just to eat healthier.  The food they serve is oil/salt/sugar/gluten free (and vegan!)… so pretty much a lot of salad, soup, whole grains, and steamed veggies.  Very clean.

I just had my exit interview with Dr. Klaper, and thought I’d share his nutritional recommendations:

BREAKFAST: Fruit, with or without oatmeal (“real” oatmeal, not instant)

  •  I really like doing smoothies when I’m eating healthy, but he recommended against that.  He said it’s an unnatural dose of food that you wouldn’t eat if it were in it’s whole form, it spikes your blood sugar, and just isn’t ideal.  So I’m going to only have them occasionally.


  • FORMULA FOR EACH MEAL:  Salad + Soup + Steamed Greens
  • salad… as large as you like, with vegan, oil-free dressing, flavored vinegars, or lemon juice.
  • soup… he was very specific here:  on Saturday morning, buy and chop your favorite vegetables from the market.  Later that night, fill a crockpot half full of water.  Add half the veggies and your favorite spices, putting remaining veggies in the fridge.  Add 1/2 cup (soaked and rinsed) lentils, beans, quinoa, rice, etc.  Fill to near top with water, place lid on, push button, go to bed.  Keep crockpot on low for 2-4 days, (use a wide mouth thermos to bring soup to work) and then on Tues. night, freeze the rest in containers for “instant meals.” Repeat the process with remaining veggies on Tuesday night.
  • steamed greens… kale, chard, broccoli, collards, spinach, asparagus, etc. Rinse and tear pieces and place into a steamer basket. Steam over hot water for 3-6 minutes. Serve with squeezed lemon juice, no-fat salad dressing, etc.

extra protein: legumes (chickpeas, beans, lentils, etc.), walnuts (omega 3’s), pumpkin seeds (zinc), etc.

extra calories: grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet), potatoes (“new” potatoes are best), yams (or other “yellow” vegetables like carrots or squash)

dessert: apple slices, strawberries, 1/2 banana, cherries, a few grapes

Then, go for a walk! Get your legs moving every day… he recommended a recumbent bike if you watch a lot of TV.

supplements: Also, if you’re vegan, he recommends you take vitamins B12 and D.  My vitamin D was a little low (even though I live in Phoenix!) but he suggested I go on morning walks this summer and have my levels checked again in September to see if that fixes it (without supplementing).  He said if it’s over 30 mg/dL, I should be good for the winter.

what NOT to eat: oils of any kind, dairy, processed carbohydrate (pastas, breads…occasionally is fine), meat (he said if you have to have meat, he recommends people eat no more than 3 oz of grain fed beef or wild-caught salmon 2-3x per week).